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I uncovered Ability as a four-way in 2001. The original studies on this were while I was examining Purpose as a subject. Scientology held one's purpose to be a key datum in how one treated life. It had everything to do with stored and determined patterns one used to analyze life with/through. I originally defined purpose as being composed of the elements Be, Do, and Have. (While I had originally contacted this idea through Scientology, it may actually stem from Yoga disciplines or the Tao, but at any rate has well permeated our culture, according to a recent Google search for the term.)

In this, I then saw that purpose only guided a Be-Do-Have scene; purpose wasn't composed of these per se. Much like ARC=U, Be-D0-Have=Purpose. Increasing the purpose increased the other elements.

Be-Do-Have doesn't just have a current use of requiring the individual to sort out his attitudes (beingness) and adjusting his actions (doingness) in order to achieve the desired results (havingness). I saw that through aligning this to personal ability didn’t necessarily require this sequence of manifestation. For ability, outside of requisite practice in the physical universe, a person manifested ability through all these three points at once. One only needed a purpose to show any ability, since (outside of any personal physical handicap) any individual could have any amount of ability; his only limits were his own internal ones.

The personal version of this involved observation (be) as a person had to confront the environment around one for what it was, his on abilities were what he currently was manifesting, but he had to look to see where he was and what he was at that moment. The person also had to understand the world around and within him (do). He has to work out conceptually what the patterns are and how he can best align himself to those patterns or those patterns to him. In this that person has to take responsibility for what he is/has been/will be creating or re-creating (have). He has to be responsible for creating the operating patterns which he had and what effects these might work on others. Were a person to suddenly start exhibiting extreme musical talents – this would affect those around him in different manners. The person has to take responsibility for his creations.

All of this is according to the person's own purpose. Why a person does what he does and manifests any particular ability is dependent on his own reasons for doing or not doing, being or not being, creating or not creating. A person has various purposes in life, and probably an overall purpose for that life. Confronting this, Understanding it fully and taking Responsibility for it would enable that Purpose to manifest.

This acts as an interacting four-way. Increasing one's confront and observation of the scene would enable taking more responsibility, more understanding and enhance the original or underlying purpose. Seeing a broader purpose, would enable a higher confront, increased responsibility due to an enriched understanding, and so on. By enabling be-do-have under the Ability heading, we then break free of the necessary sequence which is used in mechanical manifesting.

As we will see later (in the Nature four-way, as well as Economics), one's purpose and ability is very much tied to others. What one decides to become, to do, or to achieve affects more than himself or even his immediate relatives or friends. The decision is a point of ability, since no one else can make these decisions for him. However, one can improve the quality of his decisions through application of the four points to this four-way.

We see also here, as a subset of the Responsibility element, that a person is very much un-limited by others' concerns and established patterns, except as that person accepts others' limits. Speculative analysis above points out that imagination is particularly liberating; it really has no measured bounds or limits. So a person is free to create, at least in his mind, any amount or magnitude of new patterns to operate from. Really, that person's limits are entirely his concepts of his own confront, understanding, and purpose. The ability to bring his imagined creations to fruition is measured not by the muses or any external source, but only his willingness to manifest. Again, this is a limit of his own concept and internal action of confronting, being responsible for the effects of that creation, understanding all the details and ensuing results, plus aligning with or altering his own basic purpose to encompass that creation.

In various studies, Huna and Silva Ultramind among them, many advanced skills are possible to the individual. Remote Viewing, Distance Healing, and Sleep Therapy – all these things are now the subject of scientific study and proved observation (if not scientific understanding). Further, mystic and shaman abilities can now be acquired by practically any individual, given that person's willingness to suspend disbelief and compares his own belief-system against other core studies for commonalities. Some of these commonalities have been outlined here. If we can achieve a common base, then we can extract the truly workable data in order to cross-compare and condense into an effective system.

In the Ability four-way are contained the limits to manifesting in the physical universe (which shows up under the Nature four-way). One's ability to improve the surrounding environment is completely under one's own control. With this four-way, we can break down that ability into four parts in order to see what is holding back the manifestation. We can see that if one wants to become a top-flight musician, artist, construction worker, craftsman or parent – one only has to increase his/her observation and confront, or align his purpose(s), or gain more understanding, or take on more responsibility in the area where improvement is wanted. (And one must practice quite a lot – very, very few advances are instantaneous in this universe, although this might be examined through the subject of “miracles” under the Religion four-way.)

In this four-way, we see that since a person can improve his ability, we also then foray into the fields of the arts. The bulk of an artist's skill is in his/her training and practice, one's perseverance in the physical training to apply the internal spark, much at Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” This four-way does, then, build the ladder and road map for the artist, step by step under his/her feet. By continuing to confront/observe and to be responsibly honest about what level of skill has been achieved compared to what is wanted, the artist can improve skill levels and see what is needed to get to the next level in any given art format or genre. Intuition plays a key point in that 1 percent inspiration, I'll address that under Nature, below.

In discussing the Ability four-way we need to take up the subject of Free Will. A person is an individual because of Free Will. This same quality enables a person to not utilize any self-help methods in his/her life, to live a criminal and practically evil existence, full of disease and difficulties. Because of Free Will, meditation or prayer is required. Prayer/Meditation reconnects the person with Higher Intelligence and enables various natural laws to become effective for him personally. Make no mistake, the person is manifesting anyway, but believes that it is all Fate or Karma or Luck which rules his life. Once one starts to discipline his own thought and attitudes/emotions, he/she will start to gain control over manifesting as that person sheds self-limiting doubts. That is the core to the success of any self-help system. They are all based on the same underlying concepts, which are universal and found in so many religions, psychotherapies, and esoteric literature to almost defy counting.

The trick is simple, per many authors, but Deepak Chopra (in his Seven Spiritual Laws of Success) seemed to outline it best where he lays out the sequence of doing this as

1. Slip into the gap, the silent space between the thoughts. In Silva, this is getting into the alpha state or “Going to Level”. (Note here that the deep breathing exercises of Huna are used to attain this relaxed state; Silva also uses several deep breaths to accomplish this.)

2. Release your intentions and desires into this gap. (Silva has several techniques for this, as does Huna.)

3. Maintain your own counsel. (Keep your desires to yourself – this seemed initially unique to Chopra and Dyer, but later showed up in other self-help studies, Hill and Allen. It has some relevancy, in that one tends to agree with those around you and so accept their own limits and cross-survival patterns.)

4. Drop your expectations for exact result. The Universe will present it to you in its own time and in its own way. Having to have it a specific way and time actually hampers the manifestation. You have to trust the Universe with the details. (This is common to nearly all the above sources.) [Note: through this book, I have many, many terms for this universal force and presence. This is as it is called many things by many authors: God, Allah, Amakua, Divine Will, Higher Intelligence, Quantum Hologram, Holographic Universe, Universal Mind, etc. Through this book, I vary my use of terms to describe this, in order to keep from sticking the reader into one or a few restrictive dogmas on the subject.]

Joe Vitale, in Spiritual Marketing, echoes these same sentiments through his book, with many illustrations throughout. The more one looks through self-help books, the more one finds these same points over and over.

Others, such as Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) agree somewhat, saying that one must attain a joyful bliss in the Now. Gregg Braden (Speaking the Lost Language of God) says that such prayer needs to be accompanied by heart-based feeling. A somewhat different approach, but similar, is Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking), who tells his readers to have only positive thoughts, derived from God's love. All of these hit around the same mark: one tunes into the Higher Mind/Universal Intelligence, achieving a mental calm, even a particular bliss and peace. Praying/Meditating with thanksgiving that the idea you want to achieve is already manifest – along with giving the whole concept over to that Higher Intelligence to sort out – will then bring it into your life to the degree you have faith and trust in yourself and God simultaneously. An optimistic and heart-based feeling is achieved as part of the prayer. All of these agree that you must request in the past tense for anything you desire to manifest.

Dr. Serge Kahili King, in Mastering Your Hidden Self, goes a step further in his discussion of meditation, in that there is another form of mediation, which is passive (similar to what is referred to as Eastern meditation). One simply meditates on achieving a higher state and then trust in the Higher Intelligence to manifest, without imagining a certain result. One simply concentrates on the concept of what is wanted. Solving any problem with money would be to concentrate on Prosperity or Abundance. Solving marital or partner problems could use concentration on Love. Trust is imperative. Meditation of this type will bring up the doubts and fears, which are simply turning your attention away from there and focusing on the concept until you are filled completely with that concept.

Ability is a key four-way to solve in any approach to counseling, metaphysics or simple living. By breaking it down into four elements, we can more easily analyze any individual's ability-level and then program improvement for that skill or talent, even where little ability in a given area is originally present. In theory, this would outline a method for handling dis-ability as well – but that would be another study.

Let's see what the individual has to do to survive in our culture – Work – or under the polite term: Economics.

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